What previous students thought about the Course:


"This class was great! The professor's focus on student presentations combined with the intensive prep-work and feedback given made this an invaluable course. The course was an excellent forum for discussions. I would highly recommend this course to friends in the future."

"Such a wonderful class - it is really great that this course is more of a conversation peers. The professor gave excellent feedback regarding presentation content and style, and I think it positively influenced the rest of my talks in other courses and seminars. I learned so many things regaridng primate electrophysiology and anatomy that I could apply to my own research."

"This course did an excellent job covering a wide range of related topics on consciousness. I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of whether have a background in Psychology or Neuroscience."

"This course actually contributed a lot to my ongoing research plans beyons what I initially expected."

"This course is a great example of one that both covered highly engaging material and helped develop skills that could be used throughout a career ... This made for a great collegial, academic environment -- on of the best that I've experienced or been part of -- and it was something to look forward to each week ... While giving presentations may not be special to this course, learning concrete ways to better shape and deliver talks is."


“Fantastic course set-up. Student-led lectures promoted highly interesting discussion. The course covered a broad spectrum of cognitive neuroscience while also maintaining considerable depth.”

“Great course; wonderfully interesting material. One of the things I really liked about it was that rather than trying to bring the students to view the problem(s) (i.e. the course's subject matter) in a particular way or from a particular viewpoint, [it was made] clear where there were discrepancies between what we know, what we'd like to know, and how we can go about trying to disentangle what are some of the more obvious components at stake.”

“It is nice to have classes so directly relevant to skills that we will need again and again.”

“The presentations themselves were challenging, but provided an opportunity to actually teach that was unlike anything I've had in a course. The discussions that we had were interesting and thought-provoking. Overall: very strong course, high gain in knowledge about both the concepts and about presenting to an audience of peers.”

 last updated: Apr/2014